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“I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to use Georgie’s talent. Her illustrations have brought my words to life and everyone compliments the cover before they open it!…and I mean it. I was at Arsenal v Barcelona women’s last night and three of the people I was with all said how great it is. Also, it’s common people say ‘what a unique style’ , or ‘so different to other boring front covers’…which I think is particularly cool feedback!”

“I commissioned Georgie to do a piece for my brother’s wedding as I had seen her work on Instagram and loved her style. I wanted to capture the moment as they were coming out of the church as their wedding present, which Georgie did beautifully. Georgie was helpful and engaged with me throughout the process to make sure that we were on the same page and that I was happy with the progress. Once it was finished the piece arrived promptly and my brother and his wife absolutely loved it. I would and have recommended Georgie to friends as she is brilliant and I continue to buy prints / cards from her website as and when new ones come out (most recently one for my incoming nephew’s room!)”

“I commissioned a piece to commemorate the years I spent in London and was so pleased with what Georgie was able to create, especially as we were able to talk through options during the process and make updates and additions as we went”

“I asked Georgie if she could paint a picture of the bridge over the River Thames at Chertsey, where my husband grew up. It was for an anniversary present. I gave her free rein but mentioned I’d like a swan! She produced the perfect picture, within the time she’d promised. My husband and I are delighted with the result.”

“I have had such a lovely time drawing and experimenting with new materials at Georgie’s workshop. She is an amazing artist and also a beautiful person! Thanks so much for being so patient with me and for coffees! As a result I have used one of my holiday sketches as a present to a dear friend! Thanks, Georgie and please keep me posted on the your next events!”

“I recently attended one of Georgie’s workshops and had the best time. She’s a talented artist who is happy to share all her tips. I found the event fun and came out learning a new skill. I highly recommend her events and can’t wait for her next one.”